As of right now, 08/20/06, what is some of the best DVD burners on the market?

Hey Peeps, I wont go into to many details on this one but heres the story. I just recently had a pin hole happen in my Water Cooling system in my Burning Rig and unfirtunately 3 out of 4 drives were fried leaving me with a Sony CD-RW CRX230ED and a SONY DVD RW-Q28A for Rip and Burn. I would prefer to try to get something a little more current because im not sure how long this drive will hold out. So here it is…

What is the BEST or one of the best DVD Burning drives and/or DVD Ripping drives out there?

If it matters the Rig has an AMD 3200 400mHz with 1gig of PC3200 Corsair and a DFI Ultra Lanparty NFII Ultra B MotherB and 2 160Gig SATA in RAid0, I dont think anything else would matter but if it does let me know.

The Big 3 as of right now.
BenQ 1650/1655
Pioneer 111-D
LiteOn 165/160
Some can read Ram and some have LiteScribe just depends on your needs.

Cool, Thanx. Ive been thinking about going with a Pioneer. Ive been a hardcore BenQ fan but I want to see what the Pioneer can do.

The 111D would be an excellent way to go to try out a Pioneer. Very versatile drive.

I agree. Although my 160P gets a workout everyday and has yet to burn a single coaster, :bow: i can’t wait to try out my new Pioneer 111 and BenQ 1650 i just picked up the last month. :clap: Just need to put all the hardware in the new tower one of these days. :doh:
Hackler, just a heads up for you. The Egg has the Pioneer 111-D in black with free shipping right now. Don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on the free shipping. Here’s a link for you. :bigsmile: The 2 i got last week from the Egg didn’t come with Nero just so you know. I have about 10 OEM Nero discs so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

However the special last week did have the option for a free 50 pack of Ink Jet Printable 16x Verbatim DVD-R. I checked and unfortunately no such luck now, but that is the way it is with newegg, you can get insane deals but you have to be quick. That being said I would gladly pay $32 shipped for the 111D even without those discs. The drive is worth more than that IMHO but don’t tell that to newegg. :wink:


Thanx for the head up. I love Newegg, they rock. I didnt get to the free shipping in time but im going for it anyway. Im submitting it as we speak. Hoowaa… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Oh man, you were robbed. They have the free shipping on again. Had you just waited a couple more hours you could’ve saved $5. That’s the way newegg goes though. Great deal either way. :wink:

I’d be willing to bet if Hackler made a phone call in the AM he could get the free shipping. Or better yet since they are closed right now he can cancell his order and reorder the drive and get the free shipping. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Off the topic, but I almost got ripped off too. I placed the item into the shopping cart recently and I noticed shipping charges were added. Good thing I decided to dig up more reviews for two more hours and all of a sudden when I inserted the items back into the shop cart, the shipping charges were free.

Oh well…I dont care. Itll be fine. Free $hipping would have been nice…

Ok, the Pioneer just came in WOOT but the new ? is…what should I burn first?? lol

how you rate the Samsung SH-S182D, SH-S162A, SH-S162L, Plextor PX-760A, PX-750A and the Sony DRU-820A with those 3 drives? thanks

111 or 1650


I just got the 182, very fast with 16x at 18 but quality isn’t as good as the other 2, some disks it just wont burn well either. BUT it does do pretty well to the media it likes, just not quite as godlike as the other 2.

why does nobody likes Plextor drives? I know they are expensive but I got the PX-712A, PX-740A and PX-716AL drives with rebates making the prices more reasonable and the PX-750A has a $20 rebate with certain restricted online retailers, personally I’ve had no problems with any of the Plextor drives at all, so what gives then guys?

Personally, after being a Plextor fan since a cd-recorder Plexwriter 12/10/32A that served me well, I am kind of disappointed with their dvd drives right now.
I bought an 716A that turned out disastrous, but that is not the reason I lost faith in plextor. I can accept some failures in each company’s products, especialy when the RMA service is very good (and it is with plextor).
However when you pay more than double the price of the competitors, I expect more than just good after-sales. I expect to buy the BEST no matter the conditions, even if its the best for just an inch and not a mile. The way I see it, this is just not the case today, and there are other drives out there that do most jobs, or spesific tasks better than the Plextors.
So, sorry but I wont pay double the price just to get a “pretty OK” drive…

PS: I hope with the blue-ray/HD-dvd Plextor becomes the king again, i’ll be glad to try with them again then, but not right now sorry.

PS2: Your 740 is not actually a Plextor, but a rebadged BenQ, and the 750 you talk about is also a re-badged drive but I don’t remember of which :wink:

so Plextor are not making their own drives anymore? who makes the PX-760A? looks like I’ll be getting the Pioneer DVR-111D(black and beige versions) drives then, Pioneer does manufacture their drives correct?