As long as we're asking

Greetings one and all. New to cdfreaks. Looks hopeful. Newbie needs a LOT
of help. :bow:

P4 Asus, 1/2 TB media drives, Plextor 708A and a lot of coasters.

I’d like to get a printable media playable on most. Fugi -R 8x white surface bombs out big time on customer’s 6 month old Sony deck.

Thanks in advance for help

hods (hisowndamnself) aka steve :bigsmile:

Should have mentioned, tried with Nero 6, Roxio Easy CD/DVD creator and Encore 1.5
And NON printable Samsung +Rs worked like a champ at about $0.72 ea, US But doesn’t solve print thing.

Why don’t you try printable Verbatim +Rs ? Should be available in 8x and 16x flavors.
They are considered to be of good quality, and should be easy to get hold of.
You could try to use Bitsetting on them to improve compatibility. Not sure if ur drive supports that, though (search the PlextorHardware forum for “Bitsetting”)

Hope this helps,


You might want to try Ritek or Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s-

Good place to buy for price/quality/service is or