As economy sags, so do faces ... and breasts

CHICAGO - The economy isn’t the only thing that’s sagging — so are faces, breasts and bellies as would-be cosmetic surgery patients increasingly opt against costly nips and tucks because of tough financial times.

Anecdotal reports and a recent unscientific survey from an industry trade group suggest many cosmetic surgeons have been seeing a drop-off in costly operations, some by as much as 30 percent or more.

Well I guess the woman on the Daily Thong Quest will start sagging now.

Well I guess the woman on the Daily Thong Quest will start sagging now.[/quote]


Well . the luxury’s are the first things to go in life, during trouble …
Everyone … stop spending & donate money to the nip, tuck charity/foundation … free boob jobs!

Sorry, I can’t donate to any boobs that aren’t within arms reach. Or that I have no permission to touch.

I think we should call this the saggin breast depression we are in and use the picture above as its official picture

That’s a even bigger depression than the great depression …
not only are we all poor, hungry & miserable, but we have no inspiration either :stuck_out_tongue:


Awful. Put me off lunch!



Despite our brothers in your face picture of the woman’s
ta ta’s. I guess most people won’t be doing this when
they go to the beach this summer.

They have call of all beach parties until woman and men can afford to see a doctor and make the body perfect.