AS creates a new strategy even for recommeded media


I’m using a Plextor 755UF (external, connected via Firewire; FW 1.07) and PlexTools Xl 3.12 to burn my discs. I’m also only using ultra-certified DVD media (Verbatim, Plextor-branded TY; burning Plextor/Verbatim CDs works fine) but I’m getting mixed results.
I’m mainly burning DVD disc images on +R/+R DL media with the following settings: AS: Auto; Powerec: Enabled; Write speed: as per disc certification (16x; also tried 8x, I would even select lower speeds if this means better quality). Curiosly enough, AS creates a new strategy even when using certified discs at the recommended speed! I called Plextor and they said this is a strange behaviour, because AS is not supposed to create strategies for known media. This has been happening with FW 1.06 and now with 1.07. I also removed previously created strategies but AS goes on creating them. For example:

YUDEN000-T03-0 8x
MCC-004-0 16x

Media was bought from Plextor recommended resellers, so I don’t think it’s phony.
Regarding DL media, I’m only using Verbatim 2.4x media which, unless specified by me, is burned at 6x with good results; if I select 2.4x (with PoweRec ON) recording is done at 6x (max write speed) - 2x (last write speed) but the disc is poor and cannot be read by a standalone DVD player. When I selected AS OFF, assuming it would use the strategy in the FW, I got a coaster.

Bottomline: I’m only interested in quality and dependability, that why I bought Plextor + quality media–speed comes a good last. At the moment, I’m not getting it.

What’s your opinion?

Thank you very much!

I’m not sure what the problem is about AutoStrategy creating new strategies; it’s normal for it to do so from my experience. Known media has variations so apparently the default strategy wasn’t quite good enough and the drive decided to create one for your particular batch of T03 and MCC004. AS isn’t used for DL burns.

Thanks for your reply.

The Plextor support guy thought otherwise, and said that I should send him the PI/PO test to determine the cause. What you said makes sense, however, because AS didn’t always create a new strategy for supported media, only most of the time.
So let’s say that I buy a new cakebox of discs, would you recommend sacrificing one disc to create a write strategy (full), which would then apply to all of them?

Generally I let the drive do its thing. Usually it only creates a new strategy for a MID if there isn’t one present already. One option you have is to disable (but not delete) the existing strategy in the database when you buy a new spindle of discs and leave AS on auto, and it will probably create another strategy for the same MID. Then you can enable the first strategy and let the drive decide which of the two AS entries, or the default firmware strategy, is the best for the particular batch of discs.

That statement is only true for the 716. The 755/760 can apply AS to any media, be they recommended or compatible, known or unknown. In AUTO mode the drive decides all by itself.

AS does not work for DL media (and not on RW either). It’s for single layer + or - R and works for and including speeds of 4x - 16x.

If you are having problems with DL you might want to try slower burn speeds.