Arx Fatalis


I am a newbies in search of information. Thus, here, I will want to make a backup of Arx fatalis (securom 4.82) with an engraver samsung SW-232B and it will seem that the traditional means do not pass according to what I could read and test. But, starting from an image MDS, it is possible to do it by modifying image.
how must I begin there to modify it and which are the operations to be made
Which are the options most adapted for PhantomCD at the time of the crétion of the image
this somebody can say to me where I can find nocd crack for v1.12 of arx fatalis

Thanks very much

You need a reliable sub-channel code reader.

If the CloneCD default Game CD profile does not work then you can try another soft app but CloneCD can do it depending on your reader.

For other burning apps post here

Crackz & patchez are not discussed on this site

Thank you for the information and I excuse myself to have raised the subject of the aces whose prohibition was unknown for me.

Looking around a bit more, Arx has different versions of SecuROM. It just may be that your particular game CD can’t be copied yet

AFAIK is it the same as NWN 1.21 :frowning:

Here a highher degree of accuracy on the French version 1.12 of Arx fatalis: securom " new " AddD 4.82.01 0002

AddD $$!003 4.82.01 0002 $$!024 â $$!025 9 5th ò%;.ã253à = ‡N Y 2jϽ $$!001 ³ —[ ñà öÑ " y $$!023 Â`òO â- K¸¶šGi÷! $$!022 á7 # / $$!001 Ó@ 2nd - / Í SIntf16.dll $ 7 8 ÔM $$!001 Ó@ 2nd - / Í SIntf32.dll $ ^8 With _ $$!001 Ó*@ 2nd - / Í SIntfNT.dll $ MZP $$!002 $$!015 ÿÿ ¸ € Ð $$!001 PKlite® Copr. 1990-1996 PKWARE Inc All Rights Reserved º $$!014 $$!031 ’ Í!¸ $$!001 LÍ!This program must Be run under Microsoft Windows.

I almost very tested: insektor, Daemon Tools, unsecurom as different profile clonecd but all that I succeeded in having, is illegible files at the time of the installation.
I could read some details on the deterioration of image .MDS but I do not know if this one really functions. I do not even know which manners, it must be faded.
Does a means have to exist but which?
Did somebody succeed?