Arusoft: Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping with DeUHD will see 'amazing' speed improvement next week


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Arusoft plans to release a new version of DeUHD next week that will bring an ‘amazing’ speed improvement. Ripping Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with DeUHD should become a less time consuming activity with the new version. Currently it takes 4 to 6 hours to rip an entire Ultra HD Blu-ray disc to the hard disk.


[quote]4 to 6 hours to rip an entire Ultra HD Blu-ray disc to the hard disk[/quote]If it takes this long then I will be done watching the movie already…no thanks…


Can’t wait! This should also mean I can play back UHD’s with PowerDVD at regular speed, with my “unsupported” drive. Right now it starts to stutter pretty bad when the bitrate spikes up.


I moved this post to the DeUHD forum as, I think the news is more relevant to the users here :wink:


Consider me sold. I’ll take any speed improvement at this point no matter how minor.

Now how about lifting the two titles a day limit?


I asked that too, it’s in the news item :wink:

Another answer I got, which I didn’t add to the news item, sending them the AACS folder etc, helps but doesn’t 100% help (yet?) them in adding support for a disc. They didn’t provide any further details other than that it helps somehow.


I am so glad they are looking out for my well being (read with heavy sarcasm). That said, maybe with the speed improvements they will raise the limit.


I think there’s more to it than meets the eye but I’m afraid we’ll never know. They are very friendly and cooperative on a lot of things, but on some things they are either unclear or secretive.I guess that comes with running such a high risk company (considering what happened to DVDFab or Slysoft). Maybe it makes it harder to see what’s going on behind the scenes if they limit the process or it’s another security measure, or maybe it’s like they said :wink:


Can you ask them to provide additional details re: the supported discs?

While we have been calculating SHA1 hash of a specific file, I would be more interested in knowing what disc to buy so I can ensure support.

Right now language isn’t good enough. I’m not sure what they could use that would be helpful before a purchase; maybe the region the disc was procured from?


I’m intrigued by what they’re able to do. It seems like if they can crack a disc by me just sending the AACS (and CLIPINF and PLAYLIST) folders, then why couldn’t they do it automatically in the client? On the flip side, Planet Earth 2, Disc 2, UK, they “supported”, but was definitely wrong (completely unplayable, only a few seconds actually playable), but once I sent all three folders (not just AACS, as I had previously), they fixed the issue overnight, and I could rip it completely. So maybe they’re still working on the details of the per-block key generation algorithm, once they have the volume key?


I do quote all.

And say where you purchased the disc is not sufficient too

For Example there is two different “The Martian” disk for European market, with exactly the same UPC code, but different sha-1

I do sent them the AACS folder etc etc of the disk not supported and they after some hours opened it too

It’s necessary create a database where the customers can insert the info of their BD-UHD and attack the AACS Playlist CLIPINF folders and the log, UPC code and SHA-1.

Only doing this will bring a little of order


Great. Idea. That’s exactly what I was telling.