Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again


if that is the case then why are they selling UHD fiendly drives on their website that are not official 4K drives I was not aware they worked with compliant 4K drives that are sold.


My personal opinion is that these guys are are not in anyway associated with the two major decryption softwares that are on the market now. Mind you I said, ( In my personal opinion) , I actually think they are in Russia and I also think they very smart. You may all be happy that this is cracked, but I am waiting for Cyberlink 18 to come out, then we will see if the titles are still flowing as they are today. imho.


I’m really bothered by their business practices as well, as an early adopter of the original Lifetime plan.

First off, they did not make it clear at the beginning that a 2-disc limit was even in place. I think that was a rude shock for anyone using the original version of the software. I was dumbfounded that software I paid a significant amount for had any kind of limitation whatsoever; that’s usually reserved for Demo versions.

Like others, I was delighted to see the new 6-disc limit (seemingly as a response from their customer’s feedback), as realistically—given the time it actually takes to Rip to Hard Drive for each title—it would be difficult to exceed that limit, unless you sat at your computer for 24 hours straight to swap discs.

However, when the new Pro version was released and the 6-disc limit was actually taken away from original Lifetime members, that’s where they screwed up and lost my support and respect.

Certainly they can charge whatever they want (and reading the writing on the wall, they may be trying to maximize cashflow in case their software becomes obsolete as predicted by others), but it’s 100% shady and disrespectful to early adopters to temporarily “upgrade” them with a higher limit, and then take it away. I’ve never heard of that happening with any software before, and it tells you a lot about the poor character of this company.

Because of this, I no longer recommend the software to others, and will look forward to a universal solution being released so that I no longer need to supposed Arusoft’s practices.


My guess is because they are cheaper and easier to obtain at the moment. DeUHD works fine with my LG WH16NS60.


Mine also. I really wish I had the funds to buy more discs.


Alan you can answer my question you have a 4K certified 4k ultra Pioneer drive does it work with DEuhd?

This is my question do the certified UHD drives work with DEuhd?

The page says this:

Pioneer drives, released earlier in 2017 are not supported at the moment, but may be in the future.

so do the newer ones work?

If they do not then 4K is not cracked completely


A guess but the new 4K certified Drives I do no t believe will work with DEuhd and my position on this is the firmware upgrades to version 103 on the lg drives render them useless to read 4K movies and so I believe that 4K certifies drives will not work at all with DEuhd.


I really can’t respond to this as it would be a deeper discussion on how DeUHD works. I can tell you that some certified drives DO work with DeUHD per their support page. Regardless of whether AACS 2.0 has been cracked, DeUHD does work. It’s long time viability is obviously in question and should be given the nature of the problem. Only you can decide if it is worth the price. Not sure where this discussion is going at this point.


The 1.03 firmware is only for the older ‘friendly’ LG drives. The official UHD drives are still at 1.00.

DeUHD works great at this point in time, and has allowed me to accomplish my goal of ripping 100+ UHD discs. Maybe something better will come along in 6 months or a year, but maybe not. The value is being able to rip and play them today.


As @TheShoe can attest, there is new firmware (1.01) for the LG WH16NS60 and it breaks DeUHD support. Do NOT upgrade if you have the drive.


Ah, good to know!

I knew it wasn’t at 1.03 though. :wink:


Yes, 1.03 is the firmware that breaks the WH14/16NS40 drives. LG is on to the attack…


Make hay while the sun shines…


Pathetic attempts of LG trying to close the loopholes…we won’t get trapped…:givewink:


@ILLP - I have the WH16NS60. Works fine w/ 1.00 FW. Am told N1.01 will break it. I don’t doubt it, so I’m sticking to 1.00.

EDIT: Forgot about the Buffalo BRUHD-PU3 drive. I have it too. It works, although apparently the newest drives have been patched at the factory to not work anymore.


Thanks I have three LG drives that read 4k movies and are on the friendly list and i have tried a trial and Dehud works with all three drives plus the Vuk keys that’s all well and good however My question is will Deuhd work with a new certified Ultra 4K drive such as the Pioneer and I guess the answer is hell no so if this is the case then Deuhd is just a work around until 4K is completely cracked.

I am very greatful to the company for finding a way for sure or we would not be having this conversation.


You can always play them from a file. (.iso)


I have already ripped quite a few to MKV H265 using Redfox and CloneBD and the leaked keys work fine for me.

But that still doesn’t answer my question I guess no one knows will a New Certified 4K Ultra Drive work with Deuhd?


no one knows until they try it.

what we do know is that some recently released firmware updates across old (non UHD certified) and new certified drives breaks the ability to use DeUHD and though I haven’t tried, presumably the VUK method - which only works with non-certified drives anyway. it’s too much of a coincidence in my opinion that multiple new firmware releases seemed to stop this with LG doing so less than two month after the DeUHD release.

i have a couple drives now for redundancy (as I do for specific BD players for SACD backups).


You all know that CloneBD is free for most things, it has no trial limitation. The only thing is that you have to deal with is the Watermark of BerttheBeaver if you are transcoding. If you are not transcoding, no watermark and its free to use forever.