Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again


I’d look at it this way. You have 80 UHD that you want to rip, and lets assume 60 of them are supported by DeUHD. That’s US$4 a pop on the Lifetime Licence (Std), or $1.2 on the 6mth rental if you wanted to just try it out. Sure, it is gong to take you 30 days to rip those 60 discs! … and who knows what could happen in the 60 days.

Actually, that could be another idea for Arusoft on Licencing. Allow users to “buy” X number of decodes (eg a few $/Euro a disc) with no daily limit, just a per disc price. That may be low enough to entice some impulse buy for those on the fence, with only with a few discs, even those that have hit their daily limit but want to do “one more”.


What looks like a similar thing gonca. Please elaborate?


Why would I regret my post?


I can fully understand that it’s hard to decide for users whether it’s safe to buy a lifetime license. While many enjoyed the Slysoft lifetime licenses for many years and they did offer something to existing subscribers, their forum had also a fair amount of disappointed users.

I guess people have to fully understand that lifetime in these cases means, for the lifetime of the software, which is with this kind of software that might anger the might Hollywood studios, always a risk. Even though most here do use it for legal reasons.

If the software disappears a month after you purchased your lifetime license, that’s pretty sour. On the other hand, if it stays online for many years, you can have a great deal. It’s always a gamble.


This in no way resembles the Slysoft incident. Slysoft was put out of business by the AACS-LA. If not for the Developers coming to the rescue there would be no RedFox. Completely different scenario. Arusoft can do as they please, its a new program, sometimes things change, DeUHD is an expensive project, they have to buy the discs, they have to pay developers. They are the only ones with this technology. I applaud them.


The AACS LA could also go after Arusoft, so DeUHD users could end up with the same result.


This is true. That is why RedFox is not a company, they are a project. No one to close down. Closed source project mind you) LOL


According to Redfox.
They also seemed to have acquired intellectual property that belonged to the out of business company by virtue that they were "given it"
New licensing scheme is created, Deuhd created new licensing scheme, and everyone was right back to the terms and conditions of the original fee


There’s always ‘someone’ to close down. :wink:


They took that property as they were owed back pay. It was all legal. No, not according to RedFox as you say, according to the authorities. You cant confiscate what’s in someones brain. There will always be people like you that wont believe the truth. But that doesn’t make the truth not true.
This Arusofts forum. I do not want to discuss this here, or anyplace for that matter.


I guess this gives you the last word on the issue, right or wrong


Correct. The last word with me, that is.


Always possible,DoMi…but I have a feeling that the Russian governement doesn’t care about US complaints ATM…:grinning:


Hehe, true, same appears to China right now. But you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Maybe the .ru domain is just a smokescreen and the devs are really coming from e.g. the U.S or Australia. Altough them delaying a release because they were drunk gives the impression that they are indeed Russian or hmmm, maybe Irish? (Entirely based on prejudices that is BTW, I don’t want to offend anyone! ;))


Yo RW, did you buy this software? It certainly is a true one of a kind for now.


Yep Alan…I’m an ‘early adopter’ as they say… :grin:


China Rings a bell and you know what company I am betting on…:biggrin:


Because I am betting they are not going to be around for very long but the UHD copy will be available from other companies that have a whole lot more money to throw around in the very near future which will probably put the company out of business or bought out.

Hence I am sitting on the fence watching and waiting.

It is very nice that one company has what I would call partially cracked UHD through a loophole in the UHD friendly drives which will soon all be bought up or worn out then what?

The new certified 4K drives are useless as we both know for ripping or coping 4k movies.

I have three LG 4K friendly drives so far two I already had and one I picked up off fleabay last week.


If you based it on Drunk I would have to say the USA LMAO


You do realize DeUHD also works with actual UHD drives too? They clearly cracked this more than just using VUKs on friendly drives.