Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again


I’m a bit more relaxed. We all purchased whatever version of the Lic we were happy about at the time & none of us are getting “less” than what we paid for… Of course, I would be happy if Arusoft wanted to give us “Pro” for free or at a discount, but that is up to them :slight_smile: I’d also be happy if they tweaked the day limit --> week limit but again, I’m getting what I paid for.

Note: The weakness in the current licencing model is that enforces a limit at all. This is a pain for 2 reasons:

  1. When you first buy DeUHD, you tend to already have a backlog of UHD Discs to process and this for many of us took many many weeks to get through.
  2. If you binge buy a bunch on the weekend it will take some days/weeks to get through


Where did Redfox announce they will be able to decrypt all UHD Movies with version 10?


They haven’t. It was just an example of what could happen tomorrow. I know Mike (MakeMKV lead dev) said that DeUHD will “likely” be obsolete in a few months. Whether that was just a personal opinion, or insider knowledge that more robust tools are coming, or whatever, I don’t know, but I found it to be an interesting post nonetheless.


Thank you for the Reply more than likely it is Mikes opinion is one I share once the other Big players start with UHD decryption DEUHD will be gone or would have been sold out to say Fab or Anydvd.

I maybe wrong but I am setting back to wait and see.


i tend to follow your example. i binge buy on weekends or online in batches. i also travel a lot and so during the week very little happens with ripping and so forth.

i love the idea of 14/week and it just resets.

in any case if paying the difference is all it costs then so be it. it is quite fair and we retain exactly what we paid for.

acquiring the discs and the various regions and multiple versions has to be quite difficult and somewhat random chance. tells me the files we send are likely used not to crack a disc but perhaps to uniquely identify the disc tney have with the files someone sent so they can accurately claim “your title is now supported”.


I just got another batch (sale time again in Oz). Good thing I’m on Holidays. Processed what I could with VUK but it will take a couple of days with DeUHD to do the rest (mostly Double Dip upgrades). Also got sloppy and re-purached a UHD I already had. Can’t return it now as I opened it. Updating the SS as I go. The other thing with DeUHD, is when you hit the limit, you can not scan any disc to see if your version is supported.


Definitely my favorite line from their official response. What exactly would the professional use be? Pretty sure anything ‘professional’ would most likely be illegal…


Also, while I’m complaining, I do want to point out one thing that, arguably, is a bit misleading in the Arusoft rep’s reply here.

Again, I get that a lot of money probably went into getting everything off the ground, including buying a bunch of discs. I respect that, I appreciate that, and I appreciate the fact that several discs I requested be covered were covered. :slight_smile: What I find strange is the insinuation that a lot of money is still needed to buy discs. A few buys may still be necessary or expedient but users are able to send in their files to Arusoft at no cost to anybody. So, unless money is required to do some sort of computation via AWS or some other cloud service as part of the cracking, there really shouldn’t be any significant costs at this point beyond developers and web services (and alcohol, I guess, based on that one delay awhile back).

I’m not trying to drive the rep away or anything like that! I’m just saying that this does bother me. It also doesn’t set a good precedent. Who’s to say that the people shelling out €399 today won’t be required to shell out an extra €100 in a month if they want to maintain their top-tier status? I don’t begrudge Arusoft for trying to turn a profit. I just wish they’d cut the early adopters a bit of slack. Even if it was just as simple as being allowed to continue emailing files while the pros get access to a nicer upload interface, I’d be happy.


They are already putting paying customers off to their software and new potential customers as well.

What happens if they go on a one month Drunk probably the prices will increase and the rules change and packages once again.:grin:


Hello, the upgrade link is available on the homepage, you can upgrade to higher version if you like.


Just to make this clear, RedFox never made any claims that they could decrypt all UHD discs, they did however make it easier to use just the 140 or so leaked keys. Thats it.


I am aware of it as anothers post here made me think different.


So, now that we have an upgrade path from Standard to Pro is anyone going to bite?

I may only because I have a LOT of 4K BDs and am also financially inept.


I won’t be biting. I don’t care about the daily limit, and as much as I’d like priority when getting my stuff ripped, I’ll just take my chances and hope my email submissions are accepted, or Arusoft naturally gets around to the odd disc I want, or a more robust method comes along down the road.


I “may” upgrade. I’ll see how I go with the current daily limit for now.


The daily limit isn’t killing me more than just irritating me at this point. What I want is priority to get my discs supported, but what we don’t know is what that means exactly.


can i have a free upgrade plz?


I don’t have as many discs as you, but what really bothers me is the inability to know if I can rip a disk after I’ve met my limit. Luckily your spreadsheet helps immensely with that problem.


Just like slysoft to redfox
Let us be honest and blunt about it
It looks like a similar thing
Your standing at slysoft/redfox might colour your perspective


You may live to regret your post and I may regret Buying the program I am leaning towards doing it but still something tells me to wait and it is not the money either.

My Collection of 4K Movies seems to grow everyday I am now up to about 80 or so I must stay away from Fleabay :grin: