Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again


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Russian company Arusoft has changed the license structure of its Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again. With the new license structure, DeUHD is available in a Lite, Standard and Pro version. The Lite version expires after 6 months, the Standard and Pro versions are lifetime licenses. It’s now the 5th time Arusoft makes changes…


It’s very unfortunate if early adopters aren’t being automatically moved to a Pro license. Let’s be realistic and acknowledge that the early adopters took a gamble on an unknown company with a unproven piece of software. They paid a good amount of money for it. Yes, the price has since increased but Arusoft can’t seem to make up its mind about pricing. In the end, that indecision is on them and they need to get their act together.

The early adopters helped test the software, find issues, confirm the software works which helps with advertising and getting other people buying it, etc. As such those people don’t really deserve to get yanked around with changing limits to the licenses. All license owners when only the original lifetime license existed prior to the changes should automatically be bumped to a Pro license. I get R & D costs. I really do. But, sorry, it really comes across as bad practice to not reward early adopters and go from a 2 disc limit to 6 to back to 2. Come on, Arusoft.



Unfortunately, I don’t see Arusoft even attempting to acknowledge what you have said. While absolutely correct, they have zero competition at the moment. They need someone or something to force their hand.

Sad, but most likely true.


I don’t really expect a response which in and of itself is sad. This type of constant fluidity and changing things on-the-fly leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. Not the best PR but money and PR aren’t always linked. That said, bad PR can cost money. At the end of the day the ball is in their court and whatever happens is on them. Oh well.


Bummer. I’ll write and see if they’ll at least let early adopters have priority too. I don’t care about the 2/day limit but I would like to at least have some shot at getting more obscure titles covered in a reasonable timeframe. While most of my submissions have been covered by now, I’m still waiting on two discs where I submitted the files almost 2 1/2 months ago. I get that they’re probably swamped, and they have to balance the more obscure titles against the 80 variants of the latest blockbuster that everybody has bought. Still, like others said, we did take a chance, and we’re arguably burned on some level if, say, Redfox releases a comprehensive solution that’s cheaper and works for any disc.

In the meantime, I’m still hoping that, if nothing else, the unknown rips on Russian trackers means something will leak eventually. It sounds like at least one method for ripping discs may be spreading behind-the-scenes. It would only take one disgruntled “employee” to leak the tools/source code/whatever. :slight_smile:


I wrote as well. Basically asking if early adopters can be grandfathered in or at least given the option to upgrade to the pro version at a discount.

I still want to know what “prioritized” means. Is there some kind of SLA attached to that?

It’s not really clear that the files we send are all they need or if they also need to somehow obtain the actual matching title as well, which would be quite difficult in many cases considering some titles seem to have so many variants in a single country.


Here is the response I got from Arusoft just now regarding the upgrade from a Normal to Pro lifetime license:

“Hi, yes we will offer upgrade entrance later.

Not sure what to think at this point…


I think as much as I would like to purchase the program I have held off for this very reason the developers just can’t get a real sales model and stick with it and soon they will not have the market cornered to afford make these stupid changes that will Pi$$ off customers and new customers very bad PR.

soon they not have the market cornered wait and see LOL.:biggrin:


I think it means you will be able to upgrade from normal to the pro edition for an undetermined amount of Money.


Oh, I get it… just not sure what to think about the whole situation at this point…


There new pricing structure kind of makes sense… the convoluted way of getting there does not (raised expectation for a week of 6 discs per day then dashed the next for us original lifetime owners). What would be worse if anyone who paid more than 199 for a lifetime licence if they ended up with a Std not Pro! Lets see what they come back with.


Hello, for all 399€ lifetime users will not be downgraded to standard license of course, while all 199€ lifetime users need to make up the price difference to upgrade to pro verion, which will also be fair to all those lifetime license owners who have paid 399€. For all 199€ lifetime owners, lifetime is guaranteed, and we still think that two discs per day is enough for non-professional use. We are very grateful for all help our users offered to us. Meanwhile we also need a lot of money to buy the discs and to add more discs for support, we are still not profitable for now, please understand and thanks for your unceasing support.

Greetings from Arusoft.


Welcome to the forum! It’s great that you are now able to provide feedback directly to the community and I’m sure we are all looking forward to Arusoft being around for a long and prosperous time.


I would suggest a tweak to the current limit? Can the 2 per day limit be made cumulative over the week? I normally travel for work so tend to buy and backup on Weekends but then I’m limited by the 2 per day limit. DeUHD would in theory let me do up to 14 per week, but if I’m not there I “lose” my 2 per day for each day I’m away. Could it be either:
• 14 Per Week, or
• A cumulative total so you get a Max of 2 on day one, then a max of 4 on day two, etc till a max of 14 on Day 7 and it then starts again?


Does any here have the 6 rip per day lifetime? Mine is the Standard and its fine for me, because I cannot afford to buy more than 2 discs a day anyway.


Good Idea jmone1. 14 rips a week would be great if they will allow it. Sometimes I can find some on sale, used at shops that buy used disks.


I think that would be a nice gesture also. We are a small group here and Domin8tor has been kind to make a forum for Arusoft, and Arusoft has in turn been kind to us. But early adopters that bought a lifetime license should have the best form of the license. imho. I am not including myself, even though I have told numerous people about this software and like the others here, have helped others and in turn sold licenses. Arusoft has the right to do whatever they choose, it’s their software. They are the only ones who have the knowledge how this is done. So congrats to them , they have made it possible for others to backup the expensive UHD discs, did all the background work of testing friendly drives, and many other things that have made backing up UHD possible. I applaud them and stand behind any changes they make.


Like many I tend to do discs in “Batches” and on the Weekend. We have a sale on again in Oz, and I’m thinking for Double Dipping a bunch more discs to upgrade them to UHD.

Has any original Lifetime user been offered an upgrade deal yet to “Pro”?


Yeah, I appreciate the fact that the people at Arusoft took the time to figure all this out, buy gear and discs, test everything, etc. That does cost money, and I’m fine with paying. I just don’t like how things are changing mid-stream. Some of us bought the software in its infancy, when we weren’t sure if this was all one giant scam or some other way to wreck our PCs. Even after I was informed that I was a bit too late to get one of those 3-free-discs test licenses, I spent a lot of money not only on DeUHD but on quite a bit of gear so that I could properly enjoy my rips. Yes, that was my decision, and I own it, but I did it because I felt it was reasonable to assume Arusoft would listen to people who splashed out money for something that could become obsolete at any moment. (“Today, Redfox announced AnyDVD HD customers will be able to decrypt all UHD discs starting with v10.”) €199 was an awful lot of money to shell out for something where we had no guarantee what was coming down the pipeline.

As mentioned elsewhere, I really don’t care about the 2/day limit. I don’t buy enough UHD discs to make it even remotely annoying. I do, however, care about having at least some semblance of priority, especially since it appears that whatever Arusoft is doing is still limited behind-the-scenes to 2-3 cracked discs per day. I tend to buy weirder stuff that isn’t going to be desired by most early UHD adopters. It’d be nice to know that I won’t be left in the cold simply because there are 80 variants of the latest Vin Diesel explosion-fest that just *have* to be covered.


What a debacle of PR this is. At least the software I am using shows stability and isn’t pulling one side to the other. And I don’t have UHD to make it worth while to buy it either as unless you have all your hardware at UHD level it won’t benefit much back. I might buy the UHD burner but that will be the extent it will go as it seems the software I got will most likely get that option or has it already buying another to do the same is just redundant and spend more to do the same process.