Artita dvd+r media

Artita dvd+r media tried a search, no luck.
can anydoby give me any info on these dvd’s .
are they ok 4 liteon 811s any help on where to look,
would be quite helpfull… cheers jay

Suggest you work on your SEARCH techniques.

rdgrimes,cheers for that, found out loads of info, eg ritek g03. i’ll have a look at the posts. thanx alot 4 the help

The Arita 2.4x that I have are really ricohjpnr00. They work GREAT in the 811 (HS0P). I have hacked the firmware to burn them at 4x and they do quite nicely.

I believe that the Arita 4x discs are actually ricohjpnr01 and they burn WONDERFULLY at 8x in the 811s using HS0P.

Hope that helps

cheers for the reply, just wanted to no if they, r ok. local comp shop sells the artita+r 4x packs of 25 but they’re £30.

I have no idea if that is a good price. If you can convert that and it is less than $1 US, it is a great price.

Get the Arita 4X. You can burn those at 8x using HS0P. The kprobe results are amazingly low. I really like that ricohjpnr01 media for the 811s.

i’ll give them a spin, aint sure what they r in $ thanx 4 the reply .
let u know how i get one cheer’s jay. :bow:

The Aritas I got from OfficeMax a few weeks ago were labled 2.4x but they were RicohJPNr01.
Speeds 2.4x, 4x, 8x.

All have been working great with my LiteOn.

im having problems with my lite on 851s but no problem with my nec 1100, on my lite on it will burn but when i play the dvd it freezes, im not sure the problem, i use nero 6.0 . maybe i need a firmware update, im using original firmware