Artists, Music services & legal resources want P2P court review

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 Even  though a federal appeals court ruled back in August that P2P software developers  are not liable    should users breach copyright laws with  their software, the entertainment industry...
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When are they ever going to learn? You do not hold crowbar makers liable just because someone uses a crowbar to commit what they perceive to be a crime.

there is a saying that saysdon`t go against the nature otherwise the nature will get you so whats the meaning? After Napster and Audiogalaxy have been sued, what happened? MORE AND MORE P2P`` So im with GITREELWhen are they ever going to learn?.:B

Can´t you see what’s happend here ppl ? Can´t you see their tactics ? First, they are in a war against the piracy. Don´t you feeling it yet ? In this war they will fire all the way on all directions. They are mading pressure against the judiciary, the press, the media, the congress, the executive (president), the ordinary citizen (terror and sueing), the ISP newtwork owners, The p2p owners and developers, etc. Second, their tactic now is CLEAR: trying to sue all the development team and programmers of P2P they can to INTIMIDATE future programmers and devl. team of future P2P projects! So, in his conception, sueing now the programmers of today p2p technology they can intimidate and stop future programmers to engage on future projects! But this tactic has a hole, a ‘bug’. Yes you can intimidate this future programmers but you CAN’T stop future p2p projects! why ? BECAUSE this projects are SO SEXY to don´t be realized and SIMPLE, this future programmers of future P2P tech could NOT REVEAL his real names, NOT EVEN maintain a nick and a conversation to be traced! Simple, u can assembly a prog team, make the project ans SIMPLE go to an lan house (when you´re anonymous) and UPLOAD the files and run the project from there! Contact some key ppl to ‘try’ this new project and good bye! U couldnt be traced back! This tactic of this capitalism ppl wont suceed! This fight against the piracy is a LOSE WAR! They can ONLY WIN with BETTER (very low) prices and better products… [ ]´s