Artist info?

Im using nero is there any way to use there database and retrive the names of the songs and the artist names and apply them to the cd? mine keep comming up track 1 track2? thanks for any and all advise.

Enable CD-TEXT? Are you talking about them showing up in something like a car CD player that way, or something else?

I havent found the enable cd text option, and Im looking for the names to show up in my kids mp3 player and would like it in windows explorer or windows media player.

It’s on the Audio CD tab, but it won’t work in Windows Explorer, might not in WMP, and may in the mp3 player (assuming it’s an mp3/cd player).

or you could use the free utility EAC for ripping. It has a freedb button that does this for you on the fly if you connected to the internet at the time. If you add the Lame plugin, it’ll convert to mp3 on the fly was well. Great lil free app, I use it all the time…:slight_smile: