Artifacts with backed up dvds

i need help with artifacts
can someone please help me

i’m using dvd decrypter 3.1.9 and dvd shrink 3.1

i’m getting artifacts on my backed up dvds

does anyone know what causes this?

i heard that aggressive ram timings might have something to do with it so i put them back to default. still have the same problem thou

i ran the backed up dvds that had artifacts through my dvd burner and they were perfect

no artifacts or freezing

could this be that the media i’m using has issues with my dvd player?

any help would be appericated. thanks.

Could be the media and it could be the player, What media, burner and standalone are you using?

i was using a liteon 411s burner
maxell dvd+r 4x
and a samsung p… something

i returned my dvd player today for a toshibia sd-3950

the freezing and artifacts don’t show up anymore but now my movies stutter while playing them

i’m starting to get fustrated

i put some of my backups on my girlfriends sanyo player and they were perfect. just as they were on my 411s

Alot of the Samsung players are not very good at playing burned DVd’s + or-, especially the p somethings. I would of keeped the LiteOn and tried the bit setting tool. but too late now.

did you try burning at a lower speed. sometimes you get cleaner burns that way which help with compatibility.

Also who is the manufacturer of the dvdr’s (not the labeled ones) use dvdinfo etc to see who it is (ie ritek, yuden etc)

I am having very similar problems. P4 with 1GB of ram, liteon 411s drive flashed to J firmware version. Panasonic s35 dvd player and I get about 2/3 the way through and it jerks and eventually stops on ‘some’ of them. EXTREMELY annoying and frustrating because I dont know if it will work or not. Using DVD Shrink to compress. I have tried CloneDVD, Nero, imgtool burn, roxio, etc all with same results. People say burn at 2x, but that isnt why I bought a 4X burner. There has to be a way around this. Purchasing plextor 708A 8x burner as we speak, pray to god it works better.

Try getting different media!

Also, if you are using DVDshrink maybe the new 3.1.6 will help.


Version 3.1.6 - 23 Feb 2004

Fixed bug which caused occasional skipping/freezing of output
DVD during playback on some players.

i’ve got the same problem before at my jvc dvd player using 811s HSOP anyDVD/cloneDVD process. it freezes and skip every 2/3 of the movie.

now i changed the way i burned my dvd. i only used 2-2.4x writing speed instead of “maximum speed”. since then i don’t get freezing or skipping problems. it takes quite a while but you’re assured that you have a good burn.

Yeah most people say ‘slow the burning down’ and I know that this process still takes less time than 3 disc svcds that take 10 hours to encode and look very close to dvd. It just sucks because I could/should have just bought a 2x dvd burner then. I bought a 4x so I could burn at 4x. I’ll see how the plextor 708A does and let you know.

Have a read through this thread.

It look like your players is probably to blame. It could be getting too hot or simply not a very good player.