Artifacts on burned cds

am getting heavy artifacts on my burned cds
using audigy card to import analog at 24 bit fixing in sound forge
reducing to 16bit. sounds fine on my hard drive only picks up noise when i burn.
gold, cyan, silver media, no good. 4x write same. selective startup same.
all my copies sound good, its only these new ones that are giving me trouble.
any ideas?

If your converted 16-Bit files sound fine on your hdd, the result should be the same after burning since the recorder doesn’t change any data. Try to rip your burned copies to your hdd again and compare the resulting waves. The best tool for this will be EAC. There, select “Tools --> Compare Wavs…” or just press ALT+C.

Besides that, the used media is totally irrelevant, as long it isn’t the worst availlable (the same is for the writer). There are aren’t any differences in quality but in reliability only.

tried some different stuff still artifacts
went down to 2x write speed, no difference
burned my audio tracks as data files sound is perfect.(at 12x no less) of course i can only play them on my computer.
what is different about burning to audio cd when burning to data causes no problems.

Just for kicks I’d try reinstalling ide controllers and checking DMA. Whaqt burner are you using, and MB chipset? What software?