Artifacts after burn. Simple question. OR NEC 1300A best firmware

Bought some cheap Teon (CMC MAG.E01) 8x dvd+r’s @ staples the other day. I couldn’t resist the price. 5$ for a 20pack with instant rebate.

Burnt 2 separate dvd-videos with em. Sources play beautiful on the pc. Meaning directly from the file. Not from disc on pc.
The discs playing in my Philips set top dvd player, have issues every few minutes with either artifacts or slight skips or strange color changes.

I wish I had a lite-on i could use to test the discs. This sounds like a disc issue to me. Just curious what you guys think.

Currently running an nec nd-1300a 4x burner , and burning these at 4x. Running 1.0b firmware.

Just on a side note if anyone has the knowledge or wants to help. Whats recommended fw for these drives.

Also if anyone is willing. i’m open to comments on a lite-on drive to buy for testing. Recommendations?


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Re: LiteOn scanning - just get the cheapest LiteOn burner that you can find (well, don’t get the 401S/411S/811S; any drive 451S or newer should be fine).

There is one counting rule:

Cheap media == cheap results.

Not yet official 1.0C is the latest.

no loss. I didnt want to buy media from them in the first place, but i wanted some discs that day. I didn’t have a laptop or anything to check for MID’s :smiley: They did have lots of different brands there at the time, including some Verbatim 16x which I would have bought if they hadn’t be A. grossly overpriced and B. if i had a 16x burner. Unfortunately staples doesn’t sell TY or Fujifilm. Atleast what i bought didn’t cost me much :smiley:

Maybe 1.0c will clear it up…I guess i just need to play the firmware game and see if i can get some better results. I do agree from most results i’ve seen that CMC mag’s are pretty cheap in quality…but I have seen some ok probes with this MID b4.

I do realize 1.0c is the latest, but I’m concerned with what works best, just because its the latest means nothing :slight_smile: I saw herrie had some firmwares out there for this drive a long time ago. i’ll have to see if i can dig those up.