Hello, I use convertxtodvd to convert all my avi files onto dvd. I normally burn with nero at 2x speed. BUT, I’ve noticed that everytime I burn a movie ( original avi file around 800 megs on average) it artifacts during the really dark scenes in the movie. You can see little blocks and the colors get really gloomy. The original avi file is most of the time, high quality. Yet, it still artifacts when I play them on BOTH my standalone DVD players. I’ve tried using various media, the results don’t change (currently using Imation 4x DVD+RW media, only media I have available). The encoding option in ConvertXToDVD is set to high, so thats not a problem. please help, thanks!

Check your original again, and make sure that program you use playing it is not “smoothing” those pixels.
Most computer players are smoothing those pixels automatically; so you are not seeing it. Checking that movie with some editor (like VirtualDub) will let you take a look at individual scenes. When you have it loaded, check screensize - set it to same as DVD (720x480/576) and look for those pixels…