Article on Piracy

I just posted the article Article on Piracy.

Submitted by: Vinny (yes THE vinny)

3D Action Planet has released an editorial about piracy. Check it out! Read it here

Some cool things to know…

Read the full article here:  [](

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Vinny --ROELS-- hier


Thank you, thank you very much, thank you

Vinny… You are the biggest DUMBASS on the internet…

Inever gonna copy ne thing ever n not pay for it. BOLLOX!!! even if it is good!

hey benny, i rekon vinny got more knowledge in his left pinkie than you do in your whole body.

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Your again numero uno Vinny

BennyX, how lame can you be registering the domain … you sucker!

I hate people who suck up

That’s how stupid you are Vinny… i didn’t register it…
I just filled it in at the e-mail tab !! Dumbass !!

Well… It’s a parody site, so who cares

:c AD-5170A gives me terrible burns compared to Lite On burner. Bad ass drive.

Where is the download link? :frowning: