Article on how to back-up DVD's

I just posted the article Article on how to back-up DVD’s….

Techjunkie features an article about backing up DVD. The article covers:

DVD to Video Tape
DVD to miniDVD
DVD to DVD duplication
DVD to External File Formats
Divx :wink: and DVDs

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That’s just what I needed!

DVD - DVD backups are always possible. The only problem people will have when DVD-R is widely used, is copying DVD Dual layered discs. It is currently impossible to record onto a second layer with a DVD-R drive and disc.

Just question of time ;-p

good little unit however there are a few probs. the ink saturation is not consistent between cartridges and it turns itself off if from overheating if you try to do 20 in a row. otherwise a good unit. Regards, Gary Arnold Creative Director Wavtracks Royalty Free Music Wavtracks Royalty Free Music P.O Box 56, Southgate Sylvania 2224 NSW Australia