Article: Defeating Audio Cd Copy Protection

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“Cactus” attempts to stop us from ripping audio Cd’s by adding bursts of noise that are only concealed by the Reed-Solomon error-correction system in conventional Cd players. . There really is no…

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You forget one thing. Many of the protections out there won’t even allow your CD-ROM to accept the discs. I put my Love Parade Compilation in 6 different drives, only my Plextor finds the disc. The other machines either froze a few minutes and ejected the disc or they just said that no disc were inserted.

I see. Well, if a conventional Cd player will play the Cd, & the Cdrom drive can playback other audio Cd’s through its’ own hardware conversion to its own analog output just as the conventional player does, then I think the cdrom IS seeing the disk & then getting triggered by a sector of data that is instructing the drive to render the disk unplayable. This must be some code of data that is not seen by the conventional Cd player. So perhaps we need to look into what is happening from the time of disc spin-up to the time of freeze or “no disc was inserted” notification. Then perhaps a firmware hack or mod chip replacement or jumper somewhere in the circuit board would begin to let the cdrom drive go at the protected audio disc? In other words, if a conventional cd player can play it, & the cdrom drive can play audio cd’s in a conventional manner then at some point it *has to see the disc & act from there. We need to intercept the reaction right after it reads the disc. Of course, this is all in theory & assumption. Is there such a thing as firmware hacks just as there is DivX;-)? Maybe we just didn’t have to hack the code for the firmware chip up to this point…hmm…

stvastva, the solution is already given. A conventional CDplayer can only see the first session and a CDrom-drive always tries to read all the sessions. When the last (data)session is corrupt or pointed at an audiotrack, the CD isn’t recognized or is recognized as a faulty one.

I hear ya & frustrated I am…

Anyone got an old (not multiread) CDROM drive, 4X 6X, etc? Will it read one of these copy protected CD’s? If yes, then we have found a solution.

Did you try clonecd? Not matters the program your drive rejected th disk?

I tried to rip the “Loveparade 2001 Compilation” with my Pioneer DVD-105SZ, but it failed.Then I covered a part of the third (Data) Session on this CD with a CD-Marker(waterbased) and tried again. It works fine! I was able to rip all tracks with Feurio. Any questions?

You wanted to know how to rip the new protected audio cd’s… WELL HERE IT IS!!! Hold the cd against the lite and look for a small blank spot about 0,5 mm round. now take a small sticker and put it over the little blank spot and THAT’S ALL FOLKS. That little spot tells the CD-Rom to send out the sounds that make them not copyable. As I said… Put a sticker on it and the problem is solved. I know it sounds to simple to be tru but it works… If you don’t believe me just try it will only cost you a sticker … Let it RIP guys… and have fun.

Is it possible that I cannot get a iso out of a cd with a DVDROM-Drive but if I read the CD in a common CDROM-Drive it works perfect?