Article: Cactus Data Shield 200

I just posted the article Article: Cactus Data Shield 200.

Cactus data shield is a protection mainly used to protect audio CDs from playing well in computers so those computers wouldn’t be able to copy the discs.

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A lesson too all, what can be done, can be undone, its called reverse engineering. There are a lot of highly skilled programmers that will rip this new protection too bits, mark my word, I am not wrong. They should give up while they can, because the more they try, their efforts are all in vain! Greets from The Diplomat :8

I’m not sure if I can agree with you 100% on your first sentence. I thought many audio copy protections (and also watermarks in pictures) alter the audio/pictures and thus makes the quality worse. I don’t think that will be easily undone, but I agree that someone will always find a way to bypass the copy protection making the “cracked” version as good as the protected cd. But not as good as if the cd wasn’t protected to begin with…