Article Added: Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

I just posted the article Article Added: Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W).

If you have been following the war between +RW
and -RW formats, you probably have already read dozens of articles about the two
technologies. Are you satisfied with the accuracy of the…

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A lot of bull! If one burned a DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD-RAM and they all work in every standalone DVD-player and PC-DVDROM-drive, then why bother what format to use? Or is there a lobby going on to push DVD+R forward, looking at the taxincreasement which is half as much as the taxincreasement of DVD-R. Just my € 0,02

Sjees man, read the conclusion before making these nonsense remarks. The article isn’t about what format works in which device. It’s about explaining the differences between the two formats and letting people know that DVD+R could become very popular when, I quote:

Although the arguments presented in this document might look like technical details to most readers, disc format is what defines the limits of what drives can do with a given medium, both in terms of performances and features. Therefore, the technical advantages of the DVD+R(W) format will with time turn into faster, more powerful and more reliable drives for end users. This is already the case today, and the gap will continue to increase as DVD+R(W) drives will exploit more and more of the advantages of the + format.
Don’t be upset if you have a DVD-R burner. If it works for you, then what’s the problem. The article was by no means meant as propaganda. What have we got to gain by ‘promoting’ DVD+R??

-R dies slowly… +R will be the replacement in the near future…

SKIP DVD-Rs and do Blue-Ray type instead 4.3G is a too small anyway.

Wow , lots of technical things i have heard somewhere, but never knew the details of (still don’t :slight_smile: ). But i plan to study them. If DVD- offers more copy protection basis , won’t this be a major lobbying point for the RIAA and their minions to get the DVD+ out the market , despite the compatibility ? I hope it doesn’t go like Betamax , VHS and V2000 did in their days.

It’s been clear for some time that + was the winner. But what will the victory look like? Will - fade away or will multi-format drives become the norm. I have the DRU-500ax and I ALWAYS use - simply because… It’s almost USD$1 less per disc. I mean, + is better, even faster, but - is cheaper and I’m not rich enough to ignore that. :slight_smile:

Robin, very good job of research. Best compatible format needs only cheaper media prices to “win the war”. I think that the future of DVD won’t be dual. Lot of people are buying cheap single +RW drives, (DELL clients, HP clients,…, and people who whants to upgrade their PC) and they can only burn + blank media. Due to this, + media price will fall faster than -. see this: I think that dual drives are only a transition. Please, excuse me for my english. Ferraman.
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Robin posted the news about it. The actual article was written by Spath, our OSTD moderator :wink: Btw Spath, i wish i could understand half of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ops! Sorry. Spath, very good job!!!

There’s no sure, definate way the war will end - (+) or (-). go ± :slight_smile:
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  • is still a lot cheaper and more popular in the UK. Plus my DVD player reads - fine but spits out +

Tremendous article, I’d say the defining point will be the price of media. But, by the time its defined, there will be something better at the current pricepoint, there always is. As for it going the way of Beta/VHS/etc… that won’t happen because its in the wild and can be licensed. BETA was superior to VHS, but SONY wouldn’t let it be licensed [they almost died with MemoryStick because of that attitude]. I’m going to wait and wait, save my videos and multimedia as files on my HD, if I have a presentation to do, at least one HD is firewire and I’ll just drag the damn thing to the shop.

it might be where you live mate, everyone i know has + drives and the reason is + only drives are cheaper.

If Sony wouldnt let it be licenced how did Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo etc. manage to make Betamax VCRs then?

The quality of the media, or perhaps the quality of the way DVD- works, is much higher. DVD-R media has been reviewed as having less errors than DVD+R media despite other technical merits. Plus, DVD-R is more compatible in standalone players and most DVD authoring houses use DVD-R. Those reasons alone is enough to use DVD-R.

Maybe the technology behind + is better, but as I look to the direct burning results … writing with Sony and Nec (+) or Pioneer (-) it seems that the not so good technology gives better results than the best technology.