Article added: The blue period of lasers - The future of DVD

I just posted the article Article added: The blue period of lasers - The future of DVD.

Everyone who has been following the news in CD media land has already heard of it. Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray promises high speeds, superb quality and gigabytes of storage. But do we actually have a use for…

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bigger is better!

I don’t care what color it is. As long as it does something cool.

Once again a very good article. Gives all the info but is still understandable. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Yeah - nice article geezers, plenty of cool links too, and the more technical - the better. Lets face it, the more data a format can handle, especially when it comes to archiving, the better. My room is now getting full of CD’s - infact now the CD is almost in a similar situation the humble floppy was a fair few years back. It’d be wicked to wack everything onto these new much larger bad boys. As to games companies needing more space though . . . Don’t make me laugh ! Wot even more bloated wanky code and unwanted bloated extras - no thanx. I reckon most games could be half the space they are now - there’s just a crazy culture of 'oh just stick the last 2mb on another CD ! Actually I think I read as much from a guys posting on here the other day - he was involved in game packaging, and said he couldn’t believe how slap dash and poxy it was. Space being consumed for no reason, all over the place. Anyway that’s me finished 4 now. Laterz … . :4