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We’ve added a new article to our documents section! This article about using multiple writers should give you a general idea of what’s possible nowadays and which factors are…

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I reckon your sums are wrong! The point is that you have to write the same information to the writers at the same time so it’s the bus that has to cope with high data transfer rates (which it can cope with quite easily, even though it’ll tax the cpu as a result) and not the hard disk. The hard disk would only need to give the information once (and that to then be routed to each cd writer) and so the data rate for that would be the same as writing a single cd-r, surely? If it’s not the case then i’m sure it should be possible to do it that way, by using nero’s ram drive or just better programming.

This time selected 40X writing (6.000kb/s). We used Taiyo Yuden 650MB discs and repeated the write process. As you can see from the screenshot the Yamaha CRW-F1 could only write at 16X to the Taiyo Yuden media (see the red text). This caused the burn process to slow down to 16X for all three writers.
I guess you had done your tests before the CRW-F1’s new 1.0d FW was released. Otherwise you’d have filled the gap ( “Added 24x and 32x writing” . Posted by G@M3FR3@K on Friday 4 October - 18:15 ) between the 16x and 44x and could have burnt it successfully @32x. Isn’t it true ? I mean I don’t think that the slowing down of the burn process to 16x was caused by the TY cdr.

Our test Yamaha drive has firmware v1.0c. Btw: in order to write media at 32X or 24X with firmware 1.0d you need to disabled the drive’s optimum write speed control. You should only do this when you are sure the media can be written at the selected speed.

Maybe you only have to deliver it once, but not in one lump sum. You get different parts at a time while the drives are running. But the software would have to be written for that. Depends on how the software was instructed to read data. Plus it wouldn’t work if you wanted to write different data to different drives at the same time. But oh well.

Yeah, but you are writing the same data to all three drives. I didn’t realise you could use smartburn etc., as nero didn’t allow it when I had a go. I still think it’d be better if Nero used its ram drive so that the data only had to be read off the hdd once. All the writers are almost at the same writing stage so it wouldn’t take up too much ram (and who cares when you’ve got 512meg!).

Since when was clonecd 32 euros :wink: Glad to see Alcohl Developers read these articles and swiftly fixed any problems that was in the review. Looking good