Article added: Key2Audio explained and should we fear it

I just posted the article Article added: Key2Audio explained and should we fear it.

In the sequel of copy protection explanations here is part 2, Key2Audio. Key2Audio seems to popup a lot, and is at this moment (November 2001) the most used copy protection.

It seems…

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Last week i had also a cd of Frans Bauer and the was written on the cd-label that is was impossible to use the cd on a pc or mac. When i inserted the cd in my Plextor cd-rom it worked perfect. No problems at all. Does anybody now what kind of protection this cd contains. Because whatever it is it doesn’t work. Has anyone a suggestion ?? Is it possible that key2audio was used ?

yea I have the Anastacia album “Freak Of Nature” that bears the “DOES NOT PLAY ON PC/MAC” warning. It plays perfectly on my LG-CED8120B CD-RW drive without any problems. The CD contains a track of fake data but I think most new CD drives try to read it, then ignore it.