Article added: Increased compatibility - DVD bitsetting (booktype)

I just posted the article Article added: Increased compatibility - DVD bitsetting (booktype).

is an important issue when it comes to DVD recording. Because there
are three rivalling formats (DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM) not every DVD
player is compatible with…

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Why don’t DVD players rely on the media type (and not the booktype)? (Not to give any suggestions.)

Why do they rely on something like this at all? If they are able to recognize the disc they should be able to play back the contents of this disc. No matter what booktype or media type it is.

booktyping is to increase compatibility with older dvd players. basically the dvd player checks the disc first to see what it is. if the disc is not recognized as a dvd-rom then it goes “what the heck is this” and spits it out. i will tell you that it is a great feature. i have an old toshiba player that would not play dvd+ format. burnt them with my liteon drive with the booktyping utility and it works like a charm.