Article added: Everything about spyware

I just posted the article Article added: Everything about spyware….

Because there were a lot of posts about spyware on CD Freaks lately I decided to write a small article about it. More and more spyware programs are being detected, and not only Internet software…

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How do these companies get personal info like a name & e-mail addres. do they go into something like Outlook and retreive it from there?

Yep–I understand the Expansion pak for Diablo II will have an agreement to allow Blizzard to get info from your system-you want to play–you have to agree to it. :r on Diablo II

That was an Excellent article!! I remember when Steve Gibson first reported this stuff & wrote a program called “Opt-Out”. He stopped making the program because Ad-Aware did the job. Great informative article dude!

I don’t understand, why don’t anti-virus programs pich this up? To me spyware is the same thing as a virus. 1) It is installed/run without users knowlege 2) it commands the system to do things we normally would not let do We should all write to the anti virus software people and ask them why?

usa_dewd: Get Jammer 2.0, good firewall, controls your network, processes, registry and is supposed to catch spyware… I haven’t tested the spyware part, but the rest works smoothly!

usa_dewd -> because spyware isn’t illegal. Also some people do like these spyware programs. You must understand that usually the software designers build a spyware tracker into their program and install it without users knowledge. This is not the fault of the spyware program but of the software designer

it kinda is the fault of the spyware cuase they are paying the software designer to put it in the prog which is an encouragement to the designer!

go to and download the FREE version of Ad-Aware 5.5 It’s easy to use and roots out known spyware, including the difficult to detect & remove spyware that is installed on your system when you installed either KaZaa or Grokster. Of course, after you run Ad-Aware and remove the spyware, this will render KaZaa and Grokster inoperable.