Article Added: Cdr Audio Quality Vs. Burning Speed



I just posted the article Article Added: Cdr Audio Quality Vs. Burning Speed.

An interesting article appeared in EQ magazine this month regarding speed vs. quality when burning an audio Cd. Professional mastering engineers demand that producers & bands burn their master Cd at…

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You guys must seriously have bat ears or something.


I burn all my audio cd’s at the slowest speed I can, 4x. Simply because I drive a Jeep, and there is less skipping due to it’s rough suspension with cd’s burned at slow speed. Data cd’s I burn flat out at 24x.


I dont know about sound being any better because of burning at a slower speed, but it is true that you increase the playability of CD’s by burning at a slower speed, example skipping and playability improves… I cant see how audio which is still in binary form can change because of burn speed?


The slower the burn speed, the more deeply the data is burned onto the CD. Because of this, discs burned at a slow speed are easier to read than discs burned at high speeds. This does not cause any problems when reading the discs in your PC, however it can for audio CD players and Platstations. This is why, as you put it the playability of CDs is increased when you burn at a lower speed - the CD player reads the disc more easily. For the same reason, burning at high speed can lead to a loss in quality. You are correct in saying that the data on the disc is still be the same, it’s just that the CD player has trouble reading it. Some CD players are better at reading burnt CDs than others, so for some players the difference in discs recorded at 2x or much higher speeds will be insignificant. Burn speed is not the only issue here, the brand of CDs used is also a factor.


Many audiophilies say burning at a higher speed e.g. 12x will result in a thinner or less bass sounding cd. Having some a good audio system I can say I only notice more skipping at higher burn speeds.