Article about Lite-On overclcoking in CPU

I was at the local Walmart today, saw CPU magazine and on the front it mentioned “Overclocking your CDRW”. Out of interest I bought it. The whole article is basically about Lite-Ons and overclocking them, and it mentions CD Freaks several times and has numerous quotes from Jan Willem, webmaster here. Go cdfreaks!

w00t! Hooray! Any mention of how OEM’s of Lite-ONs are also “overclockable”?

Did they mention my webpage? hehe :slight_smile:


Yes for the OEM part
“The hack works with every Lite-On brand drive, plus manufacturers’ drives Lite-On manufactures, says Jan Willem, Webmaster of These may include drives sold by Iomega, Plextor, Ricoh, Sony, Verbatim, VisionTek, TraxData, TDK, and other brands.”
They also mention, but only in a URL and not by name.

No for the Dyzan part

The disadvantage of that is that the server needs to be upgraded urgently…

Do you mean cdfreaks servers? :slight_smile: