I bought a new Mad Dog cd-rw WRR-52x (it’s actually Artec) online and the box states that it works with windows, that it’s ide/Atapi compatible. I have a huge problem, I am using WIN XP PRO, w/SP1. When I hooked up the burner I made it a slave on the 2nd IDE cable. Windows Device Manager gives it a code 10. What’s that? Then I changed it to be a master, still the same problem. Then, I put the jumper on cable select and when I restarted the system, it read the WRR-52x and then the computer beeped twice and said that the device was ATAPI INCOMPATIBLE. WTF??? The firmware version is 1.23, The device was made in June 2003. Can anybody, help me solve this problem? Can I upgrade or down grade the firmware, so windows will work? Or how about a cd-rom device driver? I need some help!!! :confused:

Well, I happen to own the exact same burner and same system setup as yours, and have encountered no problems. It would appear that the problem is with the hardware, i.e. a defective drive. My reccomendation is that you go to the store and get it exchanged. If it’s too late to do that and it is still under warranty, then you should go to and try to get an RMA.

I’ve also got the same drive and same issue. I bought it for $59.99 with 2 $25 rebates over a year ago but didn’t need it at the time. Now that I’m installing it BIOS won’t detect it and Win says it’s not ATAPI compliant. I also tried MA, SL but did not try CS. I guess I’ll just pitch it. It has power but without any communication it’s only good for a cup holder. The Mad Dog website has no information on it that I can find. Anyone else resolved this problem?

Code 10: go to ms support site and search for an solution!

The guy who lives above me had the same “ATAPI Inompatible” message on both his DVD drives.

I jumpered them correctly (which I believe you guys have tried)…and the thing that seemed to fix it all was when I replaced the IDE cable with a new one.

Just something to try, hope it helps. :slight_smile:

i have received an artec wrr-52x from my cousin and tonight i hooked it up to the computer. after connecting to the usb port, it looked like the hardware was located for the device and loaded without me doing anything. i can’t find any kind of software saying it is loaded, but when i go to my computer, i see it. i then try to go to a couple of websites to download a driver and haven’t had any luck. i did have a file go to winzip, and i tried to unzip the file but no luck. i don’t know enough about computers to trouble shoot the thing, and i don’t know if i have gone to a good site to find a driver. can i get any help please?