ARTEC WRR-52X CD burner problem

This burner simply will not recognise Maxell CD-R 80 PR CDR’s . It’s Ok with other makes eg memorex but I’ve just bought a shedload of Maxell’s as they are printable.
What burner is comatible with Maxells??? I suspect the Artec is a real cheapie & don’t mind paying for quality but which one?? Any help gratefully received.

Maybe you should check some Plextors and LiteOn or Yamaha CD-RW burners.

Artec( Ultima electronics) Sit at the Bottom of the Optical drive manufactures in terms of quality along with BTC.

Though at least BTC seems produce good CDR drives but it just seems they dont have much luck with DVDRW ones.

Hmm, rather suspected that, have ordered a Plextor PX755A/T3 … Here’s hoping!