ARTEC WRR-4848 = Piece of Horse Manure!


I originally had an Artec 24 speed job which didn’t work correctly.

I sent it back and Artec sent me a brand new WRR-4848. Great I thought!!! until I connected the piece of junk.

This pile of cr@p didn’t work straight out of the box. It didn’t recognise ANY type of disk, CDROM, CD-R or CD-RW, absolutely nothing. The amber light just sits there flashing away at me.

The drive is recognised correctly in BIOS, Windows XP, Nero, Clone etc, it just doesnt read anything.

I’m aware of configuring drives etc and I’ve tried this thing in different PC’s and in all manner of configurations with the same result.

The place I originally bought the thing (Ebuyer) dismissed my claim saying that as they have already exchanged it, my claim is with the manufacturer.

The Artec Website is truely Awful, no details of Support Contacts, RMA procedures, nothing.

I went as far as attempting an RMA through the USA site and the Taiwan site. They simply ignore my mails.

Firmware doesn’t sem to exist on the Net so I can’t flash the firmware to see if this would help.

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this thing working?? It was only manufactured in July 2002 and its been sitting here for a couple of Months.

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