Artec writer refuses to write audio CD's

Hi all,

This may be a newbie question…

CD-RW drive is Artec WRR 4848 with latest available driver (WRR481248).

-Writing data-CD’s, at various speeds, with various softwares and with various media: no problemo.

-Writing audio CD’s: PROBLEMO! So far, it only works with ONE type of CD media (some cheapo brand). All other brands (Philips, Dyson,…) do not work. Result is the same with every software, and at any given speed.

What actually happens is: when I load a blank CD and choose to write audio files to it, then it throws the CD out right before the burning process starts. Some softwares say something like “invalid media”, others just say nothing.

To me (and colleagues), it seems like there’s some kind of (alas not bullet-proof) hardware protection that does not allow audio CD’s to be recorded. Other people also said that my “cheapo” writer was probably only tested with “cheapo” media, but that more expensice CD’s were never tested and are thus causing a problem to the writer.

Strange thing is: one of my tested CD brands is a CD that’s actually made ESPECIALLY for audio recordings (it’s a brand that’s also used a lot by a sound technician I know).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


Seems to be a compatibility problem with your Artec :confused:

Did you already try NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.5 ? If not, I really recommend to do so.

Please uninstall all other CD writing software before installing NTI CD-Maker
and post any error message you might get. Good luck :slight_smile:

Andy :smiley:

Tried that NTI soft. Same problem…