Artec WPA-28 and HP Pavilion 6501



Now don't go saying 'oh my God how thick can you get?' but I am having real problems with this CD-RW thing.

I have installed it on my HP 6501 and then got the updated firmware from the ARTEC website. Installed that and still, I can't get it to read my System and Appication Recovery CD's from start-up.

I am terrified that it is going to disrupt my system and was wondering if any of you know how to set it as a main CD-ROM thing.

I have gone into the RESERVED DRIVE LETTERS AREA in properties of my computer (icon) then in Device Manager etc. but it still will not read the recovery disks.

Any ideas? Also - what are these CD Clone things that I keep seeing on all these messages? Is this something that I should be looking at and downloading or should I just ignore it?

Apologies for being so stupid!:o



Please don’t worry about my first posting - I have managed to sort it out - thank goodness.

I had to get jumper settings and devise drivers and all sorts - but thanks to those who read my message.