ARTEC VOM 12E48X update to firmware 100D from 100S HOW?

i’m totally lost as to what firmware is. is firmware the same thing as a driver? I noticed today by using nero drive speed that my drive is burning and reading at 6X or less. The drive is supposed to be able to read and write at 48X i believe. From what i’ve read, it’s because i’m using the firmware 100A instead of the newest one (100D). I’ve went to the manufacturers website to find instructions on updating this, but they say i have to do it in dos with a floppy disk, however i don’t have an A drive. basically, can anyone explain to me what firmware is and how do i update it? thanks.

Firmware is kind of software driver, but stored in a chip and only for a specific drive model.

If you have another drive, maybe making a DOS boot CD would work - you do NOT want to have a disk in the drive you are updating!

If the system supports booting from flashdrive or memory card, that may be another way.

I’m not sure if Windows XP can be persuaded to boot into a sufficiently deep “DOS mode” to allow for safe firmware updating.
“Safe mode with command prompt” is probably not deep enough - there is still the risk that the update may fail, possibly unrecoverably, if it proceeds at all.

xp itself has no real dos, you’d have to boot from a dos disk.