Artec offers transparent Diablo I CD-RW or DVD-ROM drives

I just posted the article Artec offers transparent Diablo I CD-RW or DVD-ROM drives.

  Artec are wooing the case  modding crowd with two new blue lighted optical drives. The 52x CD-RW and 16x  DVD-ROM have transparent bezels and trays. The lights will blink when the laser  is in...
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Sjees, who could want such a carnaval computer? My current computer came with two fans with blue LEDs and they’re already irritating. Oh well, I guess there are always people who can appreciate a disco in their room. :d

Why are the pictures always screwed up? Every article i’ve seen so far has the pictures corrupted!

They look fine here? Are all pictures messed up or just the GIF ones or JPEG ones?

G@M3FR3@K, I looked back at a few articles and all these have corrupt JPG images for me: (Archos releases a large 80GB capacity portable Video/MP3 player) (MSI announces the DR8-A DVD recorder with HD-BURN support) (Cyber Drive announces 8x/4x DVD+R/RW writer) (China moves a step closer to making EVD players a reality) Only the images in the articles are corrupt, the site images are fine? Not sure what the problem is, no other site gives me this problem :slight_smile:

Yes, get the flashy computer cases. Let everyone know you’re a bigger dork than they first thought you to be.

And now? I have edited this news item and added .JPG to the image. Normally the file extensions aren’t needed but it seems this is a problem for your computer (browser). Please report back so we know what the problem is and we can keep it in mind for future news posts with .JPG images.

Thanks G@M3FR3@K! The bigger image is OK now the .jpg extension has been added, the smaller image is still fubar without it! I’m just using the IE Browser in XP and have applied all the service packs etc, don’t know why it should be a problem for me but adding the .jpg extension seems to have worked! Thanks again!

Oh, yes, and plain beige cases just SCREAM sophistication… :stuck_out_tongue: So who’s the bigger dork? The dork that mods his case, or the dork who’s so worried about other people doing things to their own property that he feels the need to slam them on the inernet?

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will notify our team of editors and ask them to keep in mind that JPG images can get screwed up for some people without the file extension. I am also using Windows XP with IE, perhaps the issue has something to do with your GFX card. I am using a GeForce 3 card myself.

riced-out cdroms! Can they do karaoke? Much more “innovative and appeal” product from Artec!!! :wink: