Artec G48

Hi Folks,

I found a region-free Firmware for my Artec G48 DVD-Drive under The Firmware Version is 2e91.
The zip-File contains two bin-Files and no Instructions how to Flash my Drive.
Could someone pls tell me what I have to do with these two Files in Conjunction with MTK-Flash?


Use this one instead:

If you don’t want to use that one and you just want to know how to use etna’s file, then read the instructions on the bottom of the page, or I went into more detail in this thread.


Thx for the Tip!!
I have used your 2e97.bin, but I had to flash the Drive by hand, 'cause the Upgrade.bat didn’t work. It showed me first strange Hyroglyphs and than several strings with “bad file command…” or so.

Unfortunately, I have not understood yet how to flash my Drive with Etnas two bin-Files, 'cause the zip-File contains only .bin and one .inf File. :frowning:
On Etnas Homepage are really no instructions exist how to handle those kind of package!


Firmware packages containing two binary files named bide00.bin and bide01.bin are meant to be used with the batch files that etna provides. There are two firmware files because the drive has two “banks” where the firmware is stored. bide00.bin is flashed to the first bank by specifying the “/a0” flag to mtkflash. bide01.bin goes to the second bank because it is flashed with the “/a1” flag. The 2e97 firmware that I provided is merged into one file. When flashing with this file, both banks should be flashed. Since it is a single file you can follow the instructions on my site for flashing with mtkflash.

Thanks for letting me know about the batch file problem. It should work now…