Artec DVD Burner - Any Good?

I keep seeing the Artec brand at the local Fry’s. I’m not familar with this brand and how good/bad it is. Has anyone had experiece with this make? Is this a rebadge model made by some other manufacturer? If so, who?

Thanks in advance.

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Short answer: I think that Artec ranks #1 on everyone’s list!*

  • of worst drive ever

Artec seem to be mixing about with their own made drives and OEM drives. Some drives they sell are rebadged BenQ’s some are their own crap. I recently picked up a Artec drive that was just an OEM BenQ 1620 in a box with BenQ firmware G7N9, so it all depends.

Well, my post in this thread was also made over half a year ago. :wink: Back when the performance results of their latest in-house drive was still fresh in people’s memory…

I think Artec is scared to have their drives tested.
I sent multiple requests for a sample/review unit and I was completely ignored. :Z

Yeah, this must have be an reason.

They wanted to be the first with an 12x dvd burner on the market - but they haven’t made some functionality tests, so it seemed… :frowning: brrrrrrr