Artec CDRW/DVD Combo -- "ERR: Fail to Open Input File!"

I’ve read and read and tried and tried to revive my Artec CDRW/DVD Combo drive after a firmware update failure for Artec Combo Model: BKM-52X16C to the current firmware version 2.EV210.bin (see: Artec Firmware Support).

The softare used for the update is MTKFLASH ver. 1.62 —
I tried several ways of typing the command and all fail after “erasing” is complete. Once it says “Updating 0%”, it yields the following message:

“ERR: Fail to open input file!”

I’ve even tried using the incorrect firmware version (1.DV210.bin) but it failed to update as well.

Right now I have no drive, its DEAD and I just bought it today!!! :sad: sigh
It’s not being recognized in Windows XP or DOS 6.22.
Nothing has worked for me yet. :confused:

Unplugged the drive (Secondary Master)…
Plugged it back up in DOS… no success.
Downloaded firmware again…
Tried several variations of the command string:

flash 3 w /b 2ev210.bin
flash 3 w 2ev210.bin
flash 3 w /b 2.ev210.bin
flash 3 w /b 2.ev210
flash 3 w 2.ev210.bin
flash 3 w 2ev210.bin
flash 3 w 2.ev210

Not sure what I need to do — i’m discussed!
Can I have some assistance with this please…

Thanks fellaz (and Ladies)!

Well, well…


The last thing I tried worked!
In DOS after displaying the directory of the floppy by using “dir”
I displayed the file name of the fireware as “2EV210~1”

So this time I used this string and it worked like a charm!!! :cool: :cool:

flash 3 w /b 2ev210~1.bin

Moral to the story is… although the directions say “2ev210.bin”, you must type in what ever it has in DOS when you display the files, such as “2EV210~1” and add “.bin” and you will be good to go!

Hope this helps those that travel this path as well…


Now that this is solved, back to my original problem…
Why am i not able to use Nero 6 with my Combo drive to burn DVD disc to blank DVD disc using ‘Copy Disc’ under the DVD tab?

Time to open another thread… :confused:

Because you have a combo drive, not a DVD Burner. Combo drives can read/write CD’s and read DVD’s. They cannot burn DVD’s.

Actually, I am using the Combo as the read (source) drive and the DVD writer as thw destination drive: peep it…

Thanks! :cool:

Hey SLICK, how did you get the mobo bios to see the drive??? I am in the same boat you were…but I went back and did what you did but I may be to late… The boot disk doesn’t load the cdrom drivers any more as it doesn’t detect the drive…HELP>>>

That is not necessary for mtkflash!