ARTEC 201040 (EIDE) - After Flashing FW problems :( pl

Hi great ppl!
I have flashed, under w98, my cdrw ARTEC 201040 using the AOPEN 32Xr112.bin and the utility ULFlash440c.exe (from Ultima site, infact these ARTEC and AOPEN models are based on same Ultima HW)…not for fake-speed “overclocking”, but for real-compatibility “overburning” with 90/99 minutes Traxdata CD.

Others times (with recent fw for my cdrw and 241040 model) the flash have seems to work fine, but without 90 minutes capability.

This time, after the pc turn-off, the led drive is on orange, Cd-rw drive does not open, and the PC bios and idediag don’t recognize…

and i can’t back to my precedent situation. (((((((((((((((((((((

can i flash now bypassing “in brute force mode” this BIG PROBLEM (technician programs, eprom programmers…)? i accept valid drastic solution also…

----->note: i have follow: and others topics on famous “mtkflash”…but my Artec/Ultima haven’t the mediatek chipset…buhuhuhu

Please, please, please anyone can help me???
many thanks…and i apologize for my english!

Sorry I’ve no knowledge about writers based on the richo chipset, and I do not know an easy way to get it alive again. It definitively sounds like you flashed it with an incompatible firmware version.

:smiley: I have solved with hot-swapping-flash tecnique!

(my famous tecnique is good for badflash motherboard too)

My friend have lend to me his similar cdr (aopen 24x)…i have installed this one, execute the flasher program with Artec24 bios, swapped in short time Aopen24 with Artec20…and now i have a Artec24 (covered warranty again!!!). 90-99 minutes at 24x are now allowed!

wowowowowowowow! :smiley: