Artec 12x VOM-12E48X

Does anyone know how good the new Artec 12x8x writer “VOM-12E48X” is? I cannot find a review even not for the older 8x8x brother DRW-2S81. Does Artec produce quality products and how is the firmware support?

I just got one today, cheap after rebate. Didn’t get a chance to use it yet, but I saw a couple positive comments on Seems like for about the same price you can get the well like NEX Dual Layer 8x burner. Who knows how long it’ll be before you can get good, cheap, 12x DVD-Rs, by then, there’ll be beter, faster, cheaper burners available…

Positive comments on the Artec? :eek: One more reason to not completely trust Newegg visitor comments… here’s a better overview of this drive:

And the DRW-2S81 is a rebadged LiteOn 812S drive. Anything said about the 812S is directly applicable for the 2S81, including the DL upgrade. :wink: