Art School Confidential-Fail to Backup

Art School Confidential, loaded with protection, even used latest version of AnyDVD and it’s ripping engine. No luck though it said it finished. All other programs fail at the end.

Any luck folks?

Did you try

Using ripit4me I got a SCSI Sense error when running DVDDerypter like a bad disk could give you but the surface looks good and none of three different readers would read it.

I get an “Interpretation Report Key - Title Key”

If offers to get a solution from somewhere else on the disk…a mystery to me…

It offered to use another key or something else on the disk to get past the problem. I let it do that and it completed the backup. I am burning the video now so I don’t know until viewing if the problem was worked around or not. My fingers are crossed.

I did the R1 version back in October with Ripit4Me with no problems.

See FAQ 22