Arrrrrgh: help me burn an .iso plz

Hi, i UsedTFSE and couldnt find help to burn an image file called dvdbackup.iso (4.3G) to dvd.

using the the wizard (in nero 5.510) is useless as it looks for a .nrg file and then brings up a burn cd window.

How can i burn this image to play as a normal dvd. This should be really simple and easy drag and drop thing to do, but i already burned a couple of coasters.


To burn on a DVD you should use a newer version of nero; nero 5 don’t manage correctly most of DVD burners. I suggest you to use at least nero 6.

Anyway you can also use a free software like []ImgBurn

you would think thats a basic feature to have in a burning software.
anyway i will try that free one, cheers mate!

It is basic in newer software, but that version of Nero is very old, and you had to buy a dvd plug-in for it too.

^ umm not with the enterprise edition. it has options to burn dvd-rom (iso) dvd-rom(video), dvd (copy), dvd- udf, dvd-rom (iso/udf) and dvd-rom (efi -boot). It also has a “create a dvd from an image file” wizard which you would expect to do what is claims.

Far easier , and better, to use ImgBurn as geno mentioned. It’s the preferred image burner (along with DVD Decrypter) for many at CD Freaks.