Arrrrg my inbox!



About 3 weeks ago my inbox was pristine and contained only emails I wanted. I use a hotmail account for signing up for things so I really have no idea how this happened:( . BTW, most of these are attachments containing W32.Swen.A@mm.


Tough luck mate, you better install a spam-filter :wink:


Ass icons?? :confused: I don’t think I wanna know. If you are using Hotmail, just raise the Junk Mail settings to high - It gets all my junk ;).

Otherwise, look for the SpamKiller from McAfee


Originally posted by cmr2003x
Ass icons?? uses provocative titles, the contents are not as interesting:p


DAMN! I wanted some ass icons!! LOL

I get a few emails a week with the subject something like:

Ppppleassure fffoor Heerrr

They just repeat letters to get past filters - but not Hotmail’s! :wink: