Arroyo video on demand aims to make DVD rentals obsolete

I just posted the article Arroyo video on demand aims to make DVD rentals obsolete.

April 03, 2005 11:00 AM US Eastern Timezone Arroyo Introduces ‘Always ON’ Video On Demand The National Show 2005SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS…

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make the rental obsolete??..I don’t think so tim…:X

I wonder if this service is “always-on?” :B

Hmmm, this sort of slogan can also be used like: Viagra - make sure that you are ‘Always ON’.

I just wish they had an idea how much it would cost to see a movie and also what the catalog would be. I mean if it was as many as Hollywood Video or Blockbuster and it only cost 2 bucks, that would be awesome. Or better yet- 1 dollar for SD and 3.00 for High def PPV movie on demand. drool Gas ain’t cheap and neither is brick and mortar, These movies ought to go for next to nothing. I mean look at Netflix! What they can offer and all the labor involved handling an d the mail etc.
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