Arrowkey product recovers CD/DVD data from unreadable discs



I just posted the article Arrowkey product recovers CD/DVD data from unreadable discs.

A new product to recover data from unreadable CDs and DVDs is available from ArrowKey. Titled CD/DVD Diagnostic, it is used to retrieve damaged files corrupted by a defective drive,…

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New Product? Doubt it, Its been around for 3 years and its reliability of recovering data is limited. If your burners or readers cant read it, then you cant recover it, plain and simple, I have used this in the past, and it worked about 35% of the time, not a great percentage for the price tag. But thats my opinion.


I’ll be interested in if it can recovers quick- or full-erased RW…


In my experience, if a CD is bad, the CDROM will seek and seek and seek and never become ready and eventually the OS crashes, so how does this program work?


Kafoopsy - I’m no expert on the subject but from past experience some CD/RW’s will read a bad disk when others won’t. E.G. I have an old phillips cdd3610 2 speed writer that will read just about anything you put in it. I keep it on the shelf for those cd’s that will not otherwise read and it has in fact saved my data twice that I remember.