Arrgg label side of cd scratched/but not scratched

Hello all,

Hopefully someone can give me some advice here. I have a very important cd that is damaged. It is one of a kind unfortunatly.

I did have a backup but it was broke during my move. I pulled out the original to make a new backup and to my suprise there is what looks like a small bubble inbetween the data layer and back foil “label.” There is no damage to the label at all, so I am completely dumbfounded on how it happened. No scratches on either side ect…

Anyway the cd contains a norton 2 norton files. Ghost.exe and the large .gho file that contains the data. Offfff course it can not read the larger file which is the important one.

The bubble is about 1/8th long and maybe the width of a pen head. It run around the disc “not from middle to outside”

I am currently running Bad Copy pro to try and recover anything but it has been going for almost 2 days now…

Is it possible to extract a ghost file and disregard the damaged parts? There are only a few files that I need once uncompressed.

I am messing around on old cd’s with try to replace the reflective surface but I keep taking the data layer off… bahhhhhhhh

I am willing to do anything here. Send it in to a prof… It doesnt matter PLEASE HELP :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks in advance to anyone with input.

have you tried to see if ghost explorer can open the image from the inserted cd ?

worth a try ? Unstoppable Copier Recovers data from scratched or damaged disks including floppy, DVD, CD and hard disks …

badcopy pro is taking forever, I will try to get norton to open it once its badcopy is done.

Sounds like CD Rot, but a really bad case of it…this is why using a high-end brand name + proper storage is so vital.

You should store CDs in cases standing up (not in cakebox posistion) and use brand names like TDK, Sony and Verbs.

This CD cannot be repaired or fixed since the actual data layer has seperated, the subchannel is “unreadable” it is doubtful if the file is spread across this bubble that you will be able to recover it :frowning:

Okay so I extracted it with norton ghost, The partition information is intact and the folder layout. However I get about 80mb worth of data the it just gives up. I can view all folders ect… but only the first 2 have data in them. Isnt there a way just to skip this bad data and continue to load the rest of the stuff? Badcopy has been running for 36-38 hours and it has only moved 9MB, is this normal?

You can skip the “Bad Data” but turning them into 000’s isn’t going to make the damaged application work. As I said this damage is “Unrecoverable” you can ignore it but if the application is spread across the damaged sectors…it’s NOT gonna happen m8.

The proper way to skip data is to use CloneCD or Alcohol120 and be sure to “Skip Unreadable Sectors & Errors” this way the drive won’t hang, the way you’re doing it you are going to kill your drive LOL :smiley:

Yes the TOC is viewable that’s why you view all folders, files etc. the subchannel is what is damaged here and what has unreadable data on it that you want. If you let ANY app run too long you’re looking to permanatly “Damage” your laser and your CD drive will no longer work, 9 hours is much too long!!

Well alcohol120 ect… seem to not being doing a very good job at the moment. With everything running into 3+ hours before I just cancel them.

I found a few norton ghost command lines that I am hoping can help,
unfortunatly once it starts to restore the image I get a error 10008 which is a Unexpected end of file. Which I am instrusting ghost to skip corrupt files…

If anyone has a solution to this error 10008 you would be a life saver. Nortons website only says “check your media connection” ya thats alot of help hehe

“There are only a few files that I need once uncompressed.” . . . so, is it not possible to open the .gho with ghost explorer and copy these “few files” to desktop? i never use ghost so forgive me if itz not possible.

Well when I open with ghost explorer it loads all the folders and then gets to 3% and says imagine corrupt. So I can only view/ download the first 2 folders everything thing else will not load. So say out of 10 folders I can access the first 2, if I try to get to folder… 8 it trys to load 3,4,5,6,7, ect… and I get corrupt imagine again…

You’re wasting your time, it isn’t going to happen.

The only other option is to send the CD off to a professional data rescue lab, they can remove the data layer and image scan it…you can’t, that’s considering the ink it’s self didn’t get damaged. That will cost you some money, do that or forget about this disk.