Arrange files in Nero compilation

When I’m about to burn a compilation in Nero burning ROM I can’t arrange my MP3 files by date, and I wonder why? :confused:

I can sort files by date in Nero Burning ROM That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be physically arranged by date on the disk. What template do you choose?

I want them to be physically arranged by date on the disk. I’m sorry I don’t really know what a template is.

In Nero, a template is a project with preconfigured settings; e.g. CD-ROM (ISO), AudioCD etc.
In the compilation window, try arranging the files by dates by manually dragging them into desired positions. Don’t waste a disc yet - burn an image first (.nrg). Open it with ISObuster and sort the files by LBA. If they are in the order you want them to be, you can go ahead and burn your compilation to a disc.

This is currently not possible. The reason is, Nero burns data discs (mp3 disc is essentially a data disc) that follows the standard as close as possible if not exactly. Part of this standard is to put the data files on the disc (per folder) in alphanumeric order.

I’ll see if I manage to accomplish anything with the tips I’ve got.