Arnold is the New Governer of California!

It’s official - Arnold is the new governor of the great state of California…which even shows you do not even have to clearly speak english to lead a state.

But hey, anyone except that Gray Davis prick…:smiley:

Don’t care that it’s Arnold or not. But I do care about how he became it. I mean, people were payed to sign the petition. Further I find it most disturbing that someone can become governor with just a few one-liners and not rational solutions for the problems in California.

I think that his whole election campaign is a big joke :slight_smile:

It’s more like a show for the people and not a campaign with any substance.

And even if he looses the election he can always say :
“I’ll be back” :bigsmile:

Originally posted by The_Judas
And even if he looses the election he can always say :
“I’ll be back” :bigsmile:

Haha, I was thinking the same :wink:

“According to the census bureau, in the last five years, the population of California has decreased by 250,000 — in the last five years, a quarter of a million people have left California. Hey, wait until tomorrow.” :stuck_out_tongue:
—David Letterman

I realize that Gray Davis has made himself hugely unpopular. But Arnuhld…:confused:
I guess this could be considered a “Total recall”? :smiley:

I kind of like this editorial cartoon, from the day before the election. :bigsmile:

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American politics :bigsmile: