Army OPS Recon - Free 3d shooter

Ok I found something some of the gamers I think they would like.

It is a army shooter type game that was produced by different parties, one being the US Army.

Go to . The download is free and is about 200 megs or so, and you can order a cd. It is a Army training type sim. You have to go through a basic training, qualify at a firing range, and go thru a single player mission, THEN you can play on mutliplayer. There are Rules of Engagement(such as do not purposely kill your teammates, The game is designed to run a nvdidia card.

Have fun and just thought every body would like a FREE game

Oh by the way it is called ArmyOpsRecon, but that name may change, and if you download it from the nvidia site, you doent have to put in the info to get it, just skip the download managers stuff on the other sites if you choose to get from other than Nvidiai

good luck

Old news!!! :wink: But some people maybe haven’t heard of it